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Stability storage

Source BioScience, through the Vindon brand, specialises in the simulation of environmental conditions and providing equipment and services designed to solve specific environmental testing and storage needs.


Source BioScience continues to build a global services and products business with the acquisition in September 2013 of Vindon Healthcare. Vindon has developed an unrivalled reputation as a provider of outsourced stability storage services for the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences and food sectors worldwide including thermal testing, thermal cycling, ramp and soak, long term material testing, accelerated stress testing, cell culture, controlled humidity exposure, photostability, stem cell storage, DNA & biological material storage, and heritage storage.


For over 40 years, Vindon manufactured controlled environment storage equipment and provided pharmaceutical stability storage and testing. The  Source BioScience group will utilise its expertise and reputation for cutting-edge laboratory services in the Pharma and Biopharma sectors to add complementary services which will enhance the outsourced storage solutions offered. The Stability Storage Suites in the UK, Ireland, East and West coasts of the USA comprise Walk-In Stability Rooms and Chambers offering a complete range of World Climatic ICH Zone II and custom conditions. The enhanced Source BioScience Group is extending the network of Stability Storage Suites to other Source BioScience facilities in the UK and Europe and eventually in the USA.


Source BioScience Stability Storage UK

Source BioScience Stability Storage Ireland

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