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Pharmacogenomics provides an insight into how variations in DNA can affect response to drugs. These effects can be toxic and harmful to the patient, or render drug therapy ineffective. Genotyping of DNA in the search for polymorphisms and somatic mutations can be used as an indicator for patient response to treatment and can aid in the development of personalised medicine providing more effective drug therapy to the patient, and enabling pharmaceutical and biotech companies thereby providing a powerful tool for drug development.


Source BioScience provides a comprehensive suite of services including genotyping and mutation analysis supporting all aspects of the drug development pathway including drug metabolism in the patient. The services are carried out by molecular scientists and principal investigators with expertise in the field of molecular medicine and genomics. We also have a team of medical doctors available to validate tests and provide reports as required to ensure that the most appropriate choice of drug is given to the patient, and that patient populations for clinical trials are likely to be responsive.

Source BioScience is a GLP, GCP, and CPA accredited company with many years experience of working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally, as well as clinical research organisations. The company has strong links with academia, with lab facilities in Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Dublin and Berlin.