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Mutation analysis

Advances in human genome technology have contributed to the development of personalized medicine, where molecular profiles of patients are examined for mutations and polymorphisms in their DNA. These mutations and other DNA variations may affect response to a range of treatments. Mutation analysis of patient populations also enriches clinical studies, providing meaningful data and decreasing costs associated with poor compliance or toxic effects.

Source BioScience provides its clients with an expertise in genotyping analysis and patient enrichment studies. Using a range of platforms and kits in its GLP-, GCP-accredited laboratory facilities, Source BioScience can provide support for R&D studies, through to clinical trials and regulatory submissions.

Mutation analysis of molecular biomarkers

Source BioScience offers a range of technologies for evaluation of a number of important somatic mutations in fresh and paraffin-embedded material including:

Source BioScience is also a reference lab for HER2 IHC and FISH testing, offering full pathology review if required. Please contact us on +44 (0) 115 973 9012 or pharma.biotech@sourcebioscience.com for more information.