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Biomarker assay development

Source BioScience offers state-of-the-art genomics facilities, underpinned by tissue analysis laboratories to provide prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic testing supporting drug discovery and patient enrichment for clinical trials. Our fast throughput histology, staining and image analysis platforms can provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with rapid, high quality results to facilitate biomarker validation for regulatory submissions and clinical research studies. Using the most advanced scientific knowledge and molecular biology techniques, support is offered for patient stratification for clinical trials as well as development of new biomarkers for cancer and other therapeutic areas.

Our services include:

  • Biomarker assay development and validation
  • Preclinical screening using FDA and EMA tissue lists for cross-reactivity profiling
  • Tissue pathology analysis and expert review to validate  biomarkers
  • Whole genome analysis/genotyping for molecular markers
  • Antibody-based test development and validation

Biomarker assay development in tissue

Source BioScience offers an expertise in tissue biomarkers, supplying services for such studies as well as histopathology since 1996. We have built up a wide range of validated biomarker assays on various tissues providing our clients with rapid and more cost effective support since validation has already been completed.

We can work with commercially available antibodies or proprietary antibodies providing advice and expertise on the best way to develop and validate your chosen antibody for your studies.

Pre-clinical testing

We can provide cross-reactivity testing for small molecules and antibodies against FDA and EMA recommended lists of tissues. Our senior scientists will work with you to discuss the best requirements for your studies and devise a study protocol. Your antibody/small molecule will be tested against the appropriate tissue list and images and data collated to provide you with a comprehensive overview of cross reactivity and where your antibody/molecule is expressed. Samples/slides can be stored as required.

Tissue pathology

Basic histology services such as processing of formalin-fixed tissue to block or embedding of frozen material, sectioning; H&E staining and pathology review are offered. Specialist staining including semi-quantitative IHC and FISH can be supplied.

Blocks/samples can be stored for clinical trials and research studies if required.
Please note that genomic extraction and rescue of genomic material from archived blocks is another service that we offer.

Molecular markers

Our molecular scientists worked on the human genome project, have a wide range of experience in molecular markers, and can provide whole genome analysis or DNA sequencing to determine genetic alterations of interest. For further information on how we can help with studies to determine and validate molecular markers, please contact us to discuss in more detail.

Source BioScience already has a range of validated molecular markers which are used to enrich patients for clinical trials.

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