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Target validation

Source BioScience offers a comprehensive range of tests to validate new targets cost-effectively. Accurate validation of a potential target is crucial in the drug development process, and the role of the target in disease must be clearly defined to prevent failure later down the pipeline.

Source BioScience uses gene expression technologies to determine effects downstream reducing the risk of drug failure and facilitating go/no-go decisions

Target validation in tissue

Source BioScience  understands the importance of validating potential drug targets in cells, so we have coupled genomic studies with validation of protein expression in tissue. 

Using semi-quantitative immunohistochemistry (IHC) and fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (FISH), supported by expert pathologist review, we provide a comprehensive package of data to support target validation studies.

We can offer support and assay design for protein and novel target expression in a range of normal and diseased tissue, including :

  • IHC and novel marker assay development & co-localisation studies
  • ISH, molecular cytogenetics (FISH), and conventional G-banding cytogenetics
  • Tissue microarray development
  • Virtual Microscopy with web browser access
  • Internal expertise in phosphorylated  marker assay development