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Whole Genome Amplification

A unique method for immortalizing precious, rare or depleted DNA sample collections

Access to large amounts of good-quality DNA for genomic assays can be a serious limiting factor in accelerating research efforts especially in drug development. Source BioScience offers revolutionary Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) which overcomes the limitations set by poorly fixed tissue blocks or aged samples by allowing researchers to rescue minute quantities of DNA. This ensures that valuable samples are not wasted, providing greater flexibility to work with small samples and archived material as well as making clinical samples go further, decreasing overall development costs. Source BioScience can also provide storage facilities for your samples.

Turning nanograms into micrograms in just a few days

Whole Genome Amplification offered utilizes the leading Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) method. This innovative technology produces amplified DNA with comprehensive coverage of all gene sequences and with unprecedented low bias. This revolutionary method allows our scientists to rescue minute quantities of DNA from a range of starting materials. Stringent QC controls allow a thorough assessment of the amplified DNA for usability for downstream genotyping applications such as, microsatellites, Taqman assays, SNP microarray assays, all of which are available through Source BioScience. Our specialist team has extensive experience working with many different starting materials from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic and government institutions worldwide. WGA has been used successfully to immortalize samples for use in a wide range of applications.