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Tissue sourcing

It is well known that attrition rates in drug development are high, and any methodology which can decrease this is a welcome asset. Integrating human tissue research into drug discovery and development programs can provide clearer answers as to whether new drugs are likely to cause adverse reactions or succeed in the clinic.

Efficacy and safety are two key aspects of a drug profile that must be fulfilled before they can be submitted for clinical evaluation. Evidence of likely clinical effectiveness is a milestone decision for a drug company to take any new agent into the clinic, with regulatory authorities looking at safety, ensuring that the appearance of toxic side effects in patient populations is minimised.

To help with these decisions, and enable their partners to progress as swiftly as possible to clinical trials, Source BioScience provides an expertise in human tissue based studies including cross-reactivity and biomarker assay development and validation.

Source BioScience is licensed by the HTA to handle and store human tissue. We use our network of tissue providers to source fully consented tissue to meet the demands of your study.

Use Source BioScience because:

  • We have many years experience in tissue handling and protocol development for cross reactivity and biomarker assay development and validation
  • We are fully licensed by the HTA to store tissue from your studies for later analysis
  • Our experience means that we can quickly set up and carry out studies to meet your deadlines and cut development times and costs
  • Our network of tissue providers means that you do not have to waste time searching for the right partner. Source BioScience has an established network in place ready to meet your demands