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CTC and CEC screening

CTCs and CECs as prognostic indicators in cancer

Source BioScience provides a comprehensive service for the evaluation and enumeration of circulating tumour cells (CTC) and circulating endothelial cells (CEC) from peripheral blood, using the Veridex CellSearch™ System.

The platforms used for analysis are the CellTracks® AutoPrep Station and the CellTracks® Analyser II. The AutoPrep System fully automates and standardises the blood sample preparation process whilst the unique cartridge format of the Analyser II makes fully quantifiable CTC/CEC measurements possible.

Source BioScience can also provide FISH services in relation to enumerated and isolated CTCs and CECs, as well as a range of genomic analyses including mutations, polymorphisms and other genetic alterations.  


  • The CellSearch™ Circulating Tumour Cell Kit is FDA-approved forin vitrodiagnostic(IVD) use in metastatic breast, metastatic colon and metastatic prostate cancers
  • The enumeration of CTCs is a proven prognostic indicator
  • Can be used experimentally for many other epithelial origin carcinomas (e.g. ovary, head & neck)
  • A valuable tool for supportive pharmacodynamic measurements in clinical trials
  • Can assist patient management in directing or re-directing therapeutic regimes
  • Analysis of CECs may be useful in vasculitis associated with diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, and in cancer-related angiogenesis

More information and instructions on submitting samples for CTC testing.