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Clinical trials

Clinical trial support

Source BioScience provides global support for clinical trial studies from Phase I through to Phase IV in our fully accredited laboratories. A variety of therapeutic areas can be accommodated. Using our expertise in genomics and molecular markers, Source BioScience can assist in the stratification of patients, enriching patient groups and maximising data for clinical trials. Our clinical trial team includes project and data managers, study directors and principle investigators. For further information please contact us at Pharma.


Access to reliable/professionally managed logistics is key to a successful clinical trial. Source BioScience has over 8 years experience providing logistics support for clinical trial and diagnostic sample movements. We have a dedicated Courier Team with a wealth of knowledge of local requirements for different countries throughout the world relating to varying specimen and shipment types. We have strong working relationships with many of the premium specialty couriers.

Specimen handling

Significant improvements in the data generated from clinical trials can be gained by standardising specimen collection and handling in-line with current industry best practice. Source BioScience is able to provide expert advice to clinical trial managers and investigator sites on specimen collection and handling, based upon the extensive experience of our senior scientists.

Specimen collection and shipping kits

As part of our support for clinical trials delivery, Source BioScience is able to prepare and distribute specimen collection and shipping kits. These kits can be tailor-designed to meet the specific needs of the clinical trial, including bespoke labelling and contents. Source BioScience is also able to administer stock-level management, including replenishment.

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